UNISON mobilises to break Government pay freeze with activity taking place in all service groups.

Local Govt: 70% of members reject 1% pay offer. Industrial action ballot opened 23 May
Health: conference decision to organise sustained pay campaign up to and including industrial action following Government imposing a pay freeze on all staff due an increment rise, and awarding just 1% to those at the top of the scale
Higher education: members consulted on 2% pay offer for 2014/15.
Energy & voluntary sector: negotiations continue

The various pay disputes will be conducted by the separate service groups, however the union is committed to a union wide campaign to break the pay freeze and the region intends to run a cross service group campaign on pay wherever possible.

Please see below for a version of the proposals and the consultative ballot paper. Please copy the ballot table text into word or print it and scan it then complete the ballot paper electronically, and then e-mail it to . This will have the added advantages of getting the results to us quicker and save on postage.

In line with instructions from the National Joint Council, the body that negotiates our national pay award, we are asking for your views on the offer made by the employers. You will find details of the offer in the attached correspondence.

The NJC recommendation is that you reject the current offer.

The NJC have made this recommendation because;

it believes that we can win an improvement to this offer, it is derisory
Government policy is to cap the wages in the public sector to make it more attractive to the private sector in the future.
There is no link between pay restraint and saving jobs

There are many other sound arguments why this offer should be rejected.

As always it is not just the outcome of the consultation that is important, the numbers responding is also important. Please print or copy the ballot paper into word, complete the ballot and return to the branch office by return email to . The deadline for this is short and outside of branch control. Please return your ballot by 5pm Wednesday 16th April. Once the result is known the NJC will determine whether to request an official ballot from the National Industrial Action Committee. It is really important that our date is accurate. Please follow the link to My UNISONhttps://my.unison.org.uk/ where you can log in and make sure your job title, workplace address and home address are up to date.

Please read the following, and place a cross in either the REJECTor the ACCEPT box.

The UNISON NJC Committee is clear the Employers' below-inflation final pay offer falls woefully below the aspirations in our 2014-15 pay claim and what our members deserve. It does nothing to begin restoring the 20% real loss in NJC pay value since 2010 and the effect falling pay has on members' future pensions. It means yet another year with a further pay cut for the vast majority of our members. It leaves half a million NJC members below the Living Wage and the lowest paid 50,000 just 30p above the National Minimum Wage.

The UNISON NJC Committee strongly recommends this meagre final offer is REJECTED and that we move to an official industrial action ballot in support of the claim on behalf of those employed on NJC terms. The Committee urges all members to support the recommendation in this consultation.

I wish to REJECT the Employers' offer and am prepared to take industrial action in the form of strike action in support of the claim.

or I wish to ACCEPT the Employers' offer

Please return your completed ballot paper to or Post to Southwark UNISON, 17-19 Bournemouth Road, London SE15 4UJ.

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