Local Government Pay Offer 2016/18
Consultative Ballot Paper – Inner London

The Local Government Employers' two-year NJC pay offer is set out on the front page of this website

The UNISON NJC Committee recommends that members REJECT the 2016/18 pay offer. The Committee believes that the offer falls far short of what our members deserve and the employers can afford. However, the Committee is clear that the offer is the best achievable by negotiation to date and that nothing short of a concerted campaign at political/and industrial action up to and including all out strike action will have the potential to improve the offer.

Please read the pay offer and the UNISON NJC Committee's view then delete as appropriate

I wish to ACCEPT the Employers' pay offer for 2016/18 YES/NO


I wish to REJECT the Employers' pay offer for 2016/18 and am prepared to take the following industrial action in pursuit of an improved pay offer:
(You can select more than one box below:)

• All out strike action YES /NO

• Selective strike action YES/NO

• Action short of strike action YES/NO
Industrial action descriptions

• All out strike action – all members taking strike action at the same time

• Selective strike action – tactical groups of workers in key services taking strike action at specific times e.g. cleaners, refuse & cleansing, car park attendants, coroners

• Action short of strike - a refusal to perform full normal duties and 'working to rule' i.e. working exactly to contractual conditions and ceasing to perform non-contractual tasks that rely solely on goodwill such as overtime, flexible working, cover for vacancies, withdrawal of own vehicle for business use etc.

Please return your completed ballot paper in the internal mail Southwark UNISON 17-19 Bournemouth Road

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